Brendan Tan

Studio Recording. Touring Drummer. Online Courses.


Brendan Tan is a drummer and producer from Sydney, Australia. His relentless passion for drumming has earned him a multitude of awards and recognition as a skilled musician including 2 Grammy nominations. Brendan has worked with artists such as Tones and I, Evie Irie, Sunny, Karina Savage, Vacation Club, United and Y&F.

My Online Drum Course

I've partnered with Pathway to produce my first online drum course. Follow along as I help develop your skills as a drummer, from the fundamentals and rudiments to gear rundowns and playing in a band.



Online Drum Courses

Live Performance Drumming

Studio Drumming/Percussion/Drum Programming



Recording options include:

Studio drum recordings using Gretsch USA CUSTOM drums and Heartbeat Cymbals

Edited/Unedited drums

Drum samples and programming

Audio post production

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