Brendan Tan

Studio Recording. Touring Drummer. Online Courses.


Brendan Tan is a drummer, producer and songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Picking up his first pair of sticks at age four, he has since mastered an array of genres, from rock to funk, jazz, and electro-pop. His relentless passion for drumming has earned him a multitude of awards and recognition as a skilled musician including 2 Grammy nominations.

My Online Drum Course

I've partnered with Pathway to produce my first online drum course. Follow along as I help develop your skills as a drummer, from the fundamentals and rudiments to gear rundowns and playing in a band.



Online Drum Courses

Live Performance Drumming

Studio Drumming/Percussion/Drum Programming



Recording options include:

Studio drum recordings using Gretsch USA CUSTOM drums and Heartbeat Cymbals

Edited/Unedited drums

Drum samples and programming

Audio post production

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